Mirror is the Excellence Acoustics state of the art top line speaker – the ultimate choice for most demanding and pretentious audiophiles.

They are wide baffle double D’appolito bipolar construction using four pieces of 10″ Custom Mid-bass drivers produced by SEAS.  The two front firing and two back firing Mid Woofers are working in phase which increases the sound pressure below 100Hz and makes the low frequency reproduction absolutely realistic. Electrically they are connected directly to the speaker terminals without any crossover components which ensures the highest dynamics possible as there are no electrical losses. Front and Back firing 1” Excel tweeters with front loaded solid wood wave-guides are also working in phase and are using minimalist first order crossover. This brings open, coherent and detailed high frequency response and extremely precise sonic reproduction.

The cabinet has twin port bass reflex system with bottom ports placement. This ensures superb low frequency extension. The front and back panels are absolutely equal – that’s why the name is “Mirror”. In horizontal plane it gives big sound stage with excellent details and precision. In vertical plane it reduces floor/ceiling reflections which makes these speakers suitable for rooms with poor acoustics. Heavy internal bracing and golden ratio dimensions  significantly lowers internal resonances and provide solid structure for speaker’s excellent sound performance. The high speaker sensitivity of 97 dB and impedance of 8 ohms make them best for Hi-End tube amplifiers. And last but not least – because of their construction, the performance of the speakers is not dependent from the placement in the listening room – you can compose your listening place without taking into account the distance from the walls and other objects.


Basic recommendations:

  • at least 250 hours burn-in time to reach the speakers’ full sonic performance
  • suitable for mid and large sized listening rooms
  • most suitable for use with Hi-End tube and solid-state amplifiers
  • no specific requirements for placement in the listening room
Price: $ 19,100
Available on order

MLS Frequency Response


Cumulative Spectral Decay

what makes us different?

  • The Only models with 2-way Symmetrical Acoustic Loaded D’appolito design available on the market
  • Models with TQWT design not available anywhere else on the market
  • The Only 3-way Open Baffle Speakers with 10” woofer available on the market
  • The Only Wide Baffle D’appolioto bi-polar available on the market
  • The Only Two-Way Book-Shelf with 10” Seas Custom mid-woofer speaker available on the market
  • Front loaded tweeter wave-guides from massive exotic wood
  • Purified and simplified crossover designs
  • Completely hand-crafted
  • Custom designed self-made pure copper speaker binding posts
  • Only Natural materials used in speaker’s finish
  • Custom speakers finish presets available
  • Pictures from different stages of speakers manufacturing process provided to the customers
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