Payments & Orders

All of our speakers are handcrafted and their finish can be customized according customer wish. This way we give the flexibility each of our customers to purchase his unique requested speakers. Because of this, all models are not available in stock and will be build from scratch upon customer request. It will take us up to 3 months to build each pair and be ready to ship. Please use the form on our web-site:

Contact Us

to place an inquiry and we will contact you shortly to discuss the details.

To start work we require the payment to be completed and the amount received. For the moment the only available payment method is a bank transfer. The bank details will be provided to each customer. All prices are including 20% VAT. Shipping costs are not included. For customers from countries that are part of European Union we can issue an invoice without 20% VAT if a valid VAT number is provided.

what makes us different?

  • The Only models with 2-way Symmetrical Acoustic Loaded D’appolito design available on the market
  • Models with TQWT design not available anywhere else on the market
  • The Only 3-way Open Baffle Speakers with 10” woofer available on the market
  • The Only Wide Baffle D’appolioto bi-polar available on the market
  • The Only Two-Way Book-Shelf with 10” Seas Custom mid-woofer speaker available on the market
  • Front loaded tweeter wave-guides from massive exotic wood
  • Purified and simplified crossover designs
  • Completely hand-crafted
  • Custom designed self-made pure copper speaker binding posts
  • Only Natural materials used in speaker’s finish
  • Custom speakers finish presets available
  • Pictures from different stages of speakers manufacturing process provided to the customers
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