Solution 10

Solution series speakers are using quarter wave acoustic load design with single Mid-bass driver . TQWT architecture gives extended low frequency performance with big sound stage and excellent detail . Internal bracing and golden ratio sizing significantly lowers internal resonances and provide solid structure for speakers live like sound performance.

Solution 10 series TQWT speakers are designed with our custom 10″ Mid-bass driver produced by SEAS. The most sensitive and powerful TQWT speaker, it provides extended low frequency response with perfect resolution and coherence from a single mid woofer. Especially designed for exacting listeners with Hi-End tube amplifiers.

Basic recommendations:

  • at least 150 hours burn-in time to reach the speakers’ full sonic performance
  • suitable for mid and large sized listening rooms with good acoustic characteristics
  • most suitable for use with Hi-End tube amplifiers though Hi-End solid-state amplifiers will perform perfect too
  • to be placed at least 100 cm away from the room walls
Price: $ 8,300
Available on order

MLS Frequency Response


Cumulative Spectral Decay

what makes us different?

  • The Only models with 2-way Symmetrical Acoustic Loaded D’appolito design available on the market
  • Models with TQWT design not available anywhere else on the market
  • The Only 3-way Open Baffle Speakers with 10” woofer available on the market
  • The Only Wide Baffle D’appolioto bi-polar available on the market
  • The Only Two-Way Book-Shelf with 10” Seas Custom mid-woofer speaker available on the market
  • Front loaded tweeter wave-guides from massive exotic wood
  • Purified and simplified crossover designs
  • Completely hand-crafted
  • Custom designed self-made pure copper speaker binding posts
  • Only Natural materials used in speaker’s finish
  • Custom speakers finish presets available
  • Pictures from different stages of speakers manufacturing process provided to the customers
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