Our speakers, just like old musical instruments, are made completely by hand from carefully chosen natural materials and components, tested over many years of experience!

The most important part of each speaker are the drivers. After many years experimenting with different brands we choose SEAS drivers because of their natural sound, true sonic reproduction and their superb quality.


In close copperation, they developed and manufactured for us our custom designed mid-bass driver that is the heart of all Excellence Acoustics 10″ models.

What makes our designs unique is the usage of solid wood wave-guides for the tweeters. We pretend that we are pioneers in this area as there are no other known speaker manufacturers on the market using such wave-guides. This dramatically improves the synergy of mid-woofers and teeters, better phase-time alignment between drivers and makes sound reproduction precise and coherent. We use solid wood because of its natural sonic performance and damping abilities – just like in all musical instruments. The type of wood is very carefully chosen to match the whole speaker temper – mahogany, maple and venge.

The cabinets finish is made from natural wood veneer treated with Osmo  type 3032 oil. This way we preserve all characteristics of the wood, which are then transferred into the sound. Mahogany, maple, light oak and American walnut veneers are in use to reflect the material of the wave-guides. This is subject of change upon customer request and current material availability.

We are using twin-port reflex design because of internal heavy bracing which is implemented to reduce internal resonances. You can check our YouTube channel to look on the internal constructions of some of our early models and prototypes.

Excellence Acoustics YouTube Chanel

The way a speaker stands on the floor is very important part of overall sound performance. It is essential to have the minimum possible contact with the surface to avoid transferring vibration in both directions. This improves significantly the reproduction of low frequencies – making them tight and accurate, removing the “BOOM” effect. To achieve this all our models are equipped with the world famous SoundCare Superspikes speaker feet now produced also by SEAS.

SoundCare® Superspikes

To complete the picture we are presenting our speaker terminals, completely handcrafted by us from 99.9% pure solid copper rods. Making the speaker’s connection to the amplifiers with the lowest possible resistance helps to accurate transfer the electrical energy and precisely converting it into sound without any losses.


what makes us different?

  • The Only models with 2-way Symmetrical Acoustic Loaded D’appolito design available on the market
  • Models with TQWT design not available anywhere else on the market
  • The Only 3-way Open Baffle Speakers with 10” woofer available on the market
  • The Only Wide Baffle D’appolioto bi-polar available on the market
  • The Only Two-Way Book-Shelf with 10” Seas Custom mid-woofer speaker available on the market
  • Front loaded tweeter wave-guides from massive exotic wood
  • Purified and simplified crossover designs
  • Completely hand-crafted
  • Custom designed self-made pure copper speaker binding posts
  • Only Natural materials used in speaker’s finish
  • Custom speakers finish presets available
  • Pictures from different stages of speakers manufacturing process provided to the customers
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