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what makes us different?

  • The Only models with 2-way Symmetrical Acoustic Loaded D’appolito design available on the market
  • Models with TQWT design not available anywhere else on the market
  • The Only 3-way Open Baffle Speakers with 10” woofer available on the market
  • The Only Wide Baffle D’appolioto bi-polar available on the market
  • The Only Two-Way Book-Shelf with 10” Seas Custom mid-woofer speaker available on the market
  • Front loaded tweeter wave-guides from massive exotic wood
  • Purified and simplified crossover designs
  • Completely hand-crafted
  • Custom designed self-made pure copper speaker binding posts
  • Only Natural materials used in speaker’s finish
  • Custom speakers finish presets available
  • Pictures from different stages of speakers manufacturing process provided to the customers
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